Forbes Travel Guide Special Series

A Certified Approach to Safety and Service Excellence

Establishing Malta as a destination which is In Partnership with Forbes Travel Guide requires focus and commitment.

The Training Programmes being developed in partnership with Forbes Travel Guide are now being delivered within a classroom and hospitality setting. On this important journey for Malta’s hospitality industry to strive for excellence, new content will be developed in partnership with Forbes Travel Guide.

Forbes Travel Guide’s training approach will be to support and hand-hold hotels and restaurants on this important journey.

Special Series

Forbes Travel Guide


(full leadership team)

focus on engagement, communication, meaningful rewards, culture of motivation, dedication to service excellence.


HR Management

(includes Hotel and Restaurants HR Director, managers, co-ordinators)

focus on organisational engagement; exceptional training, open/honest/direct coaching and ensuring consistency at every touch point.



(includes reservation agents, valets, door staff, front desk agents, bell staff, and butlers)

focus on creating memorable arrival and departure experiences for guests when providing hotel and room orientations.


Concierge Services


focus on showing expert knowledge in recommendations for different guests and a variety of requests.


Housekeeping/Guest Service Requests

(includes room attendants and housekeeping supervisors PBX, housekeeping coordinators, and housekeeping housemen/runners, engineering, security)

focus on exceptional level of service for guest’s daily and turndown housekeeping service. Genuine interest with guests over the telephone when accepting guest requests and at guest rooms when delivering the requested items.


Bar & Lounge

(includes hosts, bartenders, cocktail servers and bar backs)

focus on providing beverage descriptions and answering questions while providing luxury experiences for guests in the bar and lounge.


In-Room Dining  

(includes order takers, servers, and bussers)

focus on genuine interest within the interactions to create luxury dining experiences in the privacy of guest rooms.

Hotel Dining

(includes hosts, servers, food runners, and bussers)

focus on guiding the guest through the menu and answering menu questions to create exceptional dining experiences.


Spa & Fitness

(includes spa reservations, reception, attendants, and service providers)

focus on genuine interest through the guest’s spa journey.


Pool & Beach 

(includes pool attendants, cocktail servers, bartenders, and lifeguards)

focus on showing genuine interest while providing professional and memorable experiences in a casual environment.

Special Series

Safety & Wellbeing at the Place of Work

Mitigating Workforce Anxiety

The course will be tailored to the Hospitality industry and the workshops will allow Managers to learn how to best mitigate workforce anxiety in a safe environment. This should give them the confidence and ability to tackle such issues and other when they are faced with them at work.


Health and Safety Awareness

This introductory course about health and safety is for people who work in the hospitality and catering sectors. It will address the main health and safety issues in these sectors and how these affect the place of work.


Health Security VERIFIED

This course will demonstrate how the VERIFIED software is used and how it needs to be managed.

Special Series

Innovation as a key driver for Service Excellence

Successful innovators are able to rethink, reimagine, and grow.  In this hands-on course, students will learn how to develop a perspectives mindset and how to take innovation from conception to creation. By interacting directly with high-level executives in the hospitality industry, government officials, technologists, investors, designers, and other interesting people, students will gain practical skills while creating meaningful relationships and adding value to organizations and stakeholders. By the end of the course, students will better recognize their role in a variety of group settings, have created productive real-world solutions, and know the ways to execute on their future roadmaps.

So, when does innovation actually happen? Well, in an electrifying environment with a diverse team of students, professionals, and other guests focused on generating crazy ideas and exploring the circumstances that allow for these ideas. Professor Hellman ran the Innovation Network at Cornell. The Innovation Network brought together CEOs and top leaders of the hospitality and travel industry—by invitation only—to focus on new ways of thinking about their businesses and the industry. Members of the network met twice a year, from coast to coast, for exposure to new and radical ideas to foster creativity within their hospitality companies. Now, Professor Hellman is looking to create a similar environment through the on-line WINNING classroom, starting with the most powerful innovators she knows, employees. This class will incorporate exciting elements including one-on-one calls with industry leaders to teach participants how to use diverse perspectives to their fullest advantage, ancient stratagems to generate innovative ideas, and so much more!

Special Series

Social Media Marketing

Social audio:  New apps like Clubhouse up brand new ways to connect with people. This means new marketing opportunities for those who know what to do. How to integrate Clubhouse to your social media marketing.


Podcast:   How to start a podcast: A complete Step-By-Step Tutorial


Short Videos:  Video Marketing with short from videos. Every platform has embraced short-form video. Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn Stories, and the list goes on and on. Step by step tutorial how create short-form videos for social media channels.


Instagram Marketing 2021:  Guide To Instagram GrowthSteps how to setup an  Instagram account  for your Business or personal that you can build your brand and convert your followers into paying customers.


Canva 2021 for Beginners:  Learn the Canva. Are you looking for a quick and easy way to create professional eye-catching designs without having to spend time and money on complicated software? Would you like to learn how to create designs that grab people’s attention and generate more likes, comments, and shares on Social Media and visitors to your business, product or services?

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